It is really the hardest job to do perfect shopping. If it is a concern for buying leather goods, it is more difficult as well.

I found 60% people are struggling to buy pure leather goods. This blog can be very handy to be pro leather goods shopper.

Normally on the downside of a leather belt or a leather goods , the leather quality can be stamped one of 3 things. They are:

1. Genuine leather 2. Top grain leather or 3. Full grain leather

2. Top grain leather or 3. Full grain leather

3. Full grain leather

So, question is, what really means by this stamped keyword on leather goods? When you intent to buy beautiful leather belts, leather jackets or leather ladies bag, you need to know what to look for in your desired products.

First of all, genuine leather does not refer that this product truly made of real or pure leather, but it can refer that it is the lower grade of all products made out of real leather too.

Confused? Well, if you are looking lower price leather products from local retail with a genuine sticker, there is a chance to get poor quality leather goods. You need to understand that pure leather should not be cheap like other products. It should have standard price as well.

Secondly, Top grain leather products are the grade of leather that you will find in “pure” leather with the finest finishing. Normally, this type of products used in the vast majority or ladies purse or ladies wallet items. If you see top grain level on products, it means that this product used original leather with finest color and sizes.

This type of leather is really handy and you do not need to care as much about durability more about the color of your leather goods.

Lastly, full-grain leather takes the entire grain of hiding with all the imperfections and inherent toughness of the material.

This type of leather goods is truly naturally market with imperfections.

To sum up, it is not very hard to identify quality leather products in New Zealand. Just go for standard price and above tagged leather items. Try to avoid low price and lower graded products.