It is essential to take proper care of your leather bag or any leather goods. Leather bags can be robust, abiding luggage, and they look great. Whether the bag is a purse or a travel bag, most are prepared from top-grain leather that has a shielding finish. Even with this protective finish, however, leather bags of all kinds need the care to retain them looking and running their best. Leather may tint or even rip if handled crudely or cleaned and stored wrongly. Besides, care around humidity is important for leather products. Check below to know, top tips to take care of leather bags.


 Stock them:

You need to keep leather products carefully when you are not using. Most importantly, leather bags or products should be kept out of direct sun lights or other heat lights and in a closet or other area with good airflow and low moisture. Sunlight may fade and dry out leather. High moisture can lead to mold on leather luggage.

 Water- resistant them

You need to spray leather bags with a water-repellent shielding spray before using them in rain or high humidity day. In addition, many types of leather bags are treated during the manufacturing process, this additional protection may prevent water spots and stains. Remember to spray the straps. As we know, we are expecting rain during the winter season in New Zealand. So, you should have a better plan to water resistant leather products.

 Keep leather bags carefully

We need to keep leather products very carefully.  Keep caps on pens and other pointed items, as these may indent or tear the lining of leather bags. Put lipstick and other potentially staining items in protective cases rather than keeping them loose your bag. Also, do not overload your bag. Placing heavy items in a leather bag may cause the straps or handles to stretch or break.

Keep leather products clean

Leather products need to keep clean while using or stock. Clean dirt, food crumbs and other potentially staining substances from the bag soon after you return home. This will prevent the substances from being ground into your bag’s liner.

 Clean Leather Products

Clean leather bags with leather shampoo when they look soiled. Use leather protection and conditioning cream or spray on the bag at least twice a year, more often if you use your bag daily.

To sum up, leather products are very sensitive. We need to give extra care while using leather products. If we consider New Zealand weather, we need to give extra care during the winter season.